Standard Package

By prior arrangement, we can host private and corporate groups at the range in Gladstone.  

The 'standard package event' is $65 per person - price is payable in cash on the day.  

  • You will be issued an invoice on the day when you pay your fee
  • Events are limited to the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month
  • A minimum lead time of 2 weeks is required - this is to give us time to organise the firearms, ammunition and volunteers that will run the event for you


Paper/steel targets, usually on range 5.

Below is the standard package but we reserve the right to change things slightly depending on ammunition availability etc. on the day.


  • 10 shots .22 Ruger semi auto
  • 10 shots 9mm Glock
  • 2 shots .357 magnum
  • 2 shots .44 magnum


  • 10 shots 10/22 Ruger semi auto
  • 3 shots .44 magnum lever rifle (at a square steel plate set at the back of the range)


  • Shots at 10 clays, 12 gauge pump &/or side by side


I'm interested - please contact me

If you are interested in a corporate event, please click on the following link and provide us with the required information. 

We will check the range schedule and contact you ASAP to confirm your booking or provide you with more information or options.

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